About The Quantock Hills

The Quantocks are a range of low hills spanning the ten miles between The Vale of Taunton and the Bristol Channel. People come for the wide skies and far reaching views of the hilltops, for the beauty of the wild places, for exercise and sport, to walk where Coleridge and Wordsworth walked and for the historic landscape of villages, farmland and ancient sites. 

Fyne Court

The Quantock Hills were formerly an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) now re-designated a National Landscape. The Quantock National Landscape Office at Fyne Court has visitor information in print and online, including maps and car-park locations. 

If you represent a group or are arranging activities on the Quantocks, the Quantock Hills National Landscape Office will help you and tell you who the right landowner is if their permission is needed. 

Do and Don’t 

In general most of the open heath, the woodland and the forestry plantations are Access Land meaning that you can go where you like on foot. Horse riders and cyclists should stick to Bridleways and suitable tracks and vehicles and motorcycles must stay on the roads or in Car Parks. 

The whole area is a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) so disturbance and damage to the environment by vehicle use, littering, fire-lighting, loud noise and music can be a serious matter. 


The Quantocks are enjoyed by mountain bikers, hikers, runners, ramblers, horse riders, dog-sled drivers, orienteerers, apiarists, bird watchers, botanists, poetry trailers, pagan revivalists, aquarellists, antiquarians, paleontologists, geologists, campanologists, idyllists and bucolicists of all sorts. Long may it continue!