Friends of the Quantocks is a group of volunteers who are passionate about preserving and enhancing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Quantock Hills in Somerset.

We are the Conservation Charity for the Quantock Hills.

Our foundational purpose is

To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation protection and improvement of the landscape and natural environment of the Quantock Hills.

We define The Quantock Hills to include all of the Quantock Hills National Landscape (formally AONB) as well as the surrounding countryside and hinterland. We define The ‘landscape’ in the broadest terms to include buildings, archaeology and the cultural and historical heritage of the Quantocks as well as agriculture and the local economy. The idea of Public Benefit is behind all our actions, especially public access, information, education and involvement.

We are Quantock Landowners

We work closely and on an equal footing with the Quantock Hills National Landscape, the Quantock Commoners, other landowners, the National Trust and the Forestry Commission. We serve on the JAC, the governing body of the Quantocks where we represent the interests of the public.

We are Independent

Governed entirely by our membership and funded by subscription and donation, we believe the beauty of the hills is best preserved by promoting public interest, public access and public understanding in the landscape and wildlife of the Quantocks.