Article for Parish Magazines 03/16

The variety of the Quantocks never fails to surprise. A recent survey of fungi on the hills discovered 142 different species with a number of rare or interesting ones. Perhaps not many of us are that interested in fungi but it underlines the great diversity of the Quantocks and the need to be constantly aware of the delicate eco-systems that make it up.

At last the weather appears to be drying up and we can get out again on the hill without getting covered in mud! We all look forward to a good summer on the hills. This year celebrates 60 years of the AONB and Halsway Manor is holding a weekend in July to celebrate this with a range of activities. For more information visit It is worth reflecting on what might have happened if there had been no AONB and no Friends of Quantock: the northern half of the hills would be covered with conifers and there would be a large golf course across the centre of the hills; the red deer would have disappeared and many of the bird species as well. Today we should be seeing large expansions of the villages with a variety of undesirable developments within the AONB; we have a lot to be thankful for, but constant vigilance is still needed which is why we value your support, so If you are not already a member please visit and consider joining us.