Coronavirus / Covid 19

Advice to users of the The Quantock Hills

Government guidance on Covid 19 indicates we should all stay at home other than for essential activities. If you are still considering a trip to the Quantocks please follow this advice:

If you are planning to come out onto the Quantock Hills, please do so responsibly and ensure you keep closely to the most recent government guidelines on Covid 19.

Remember: if people behave irresponsibly the Government will take steps to close down access to open spaces.

Some guidelines:

  1. Do NOT come out in GROUPS – Only with people who share your living space.
  2. Do not MEET up with others for a Walk or Ride and keep all dogs on leeds.
  3. Keep your distance from other walkers/riders and respect their space, especially at Car parks.
  4. Do Not travel far to your walking/riding destination.
  5. Be extra careful in your activities, no extreme activities. You do not want to place an extra burden on our Health Service.
  6. Cyclists especially, slow down, take extra care of other users and refrain from jumps etc.
  7. Be careful not to drop litter (I know you are anyway!). Others have to spend time going out pick up litter after every busy weekend.

Philip Comer
Chairman, Friends of Quantock.