Guided Walk, Lydeard Hill, Cothelstone, the Grotto and St Agnes Well

We have decided to go ahead with the guided walk on 3 September as group walks with precautions are now allowed. There are some limited spaces available. There are one or two slight changes from the original details published in the newsletter.  We are grateful to the land owner Hugh Warmington for permission to walk across his land.

We will meet at Lydeard Hill car park at 10.30am.  We will then make our way to the statue of Jupiter, descend through the parkland to see the 18th century grotto and end with a look at Cothelstone Church and St Agnes Well. Options at the end of the walk are to walk back up Cothelstone Hill (quite a steep climb) or to retrace your steps to Lydeard Hill car park. Alternatively if you don’t want to tackle a steep climb and are a two car family, you could leave a second car at Cothelstone Church or at the lay-by on the corner at the bottom of the hill. You could also possibly pair up with a friend to leave a car if you are happy to travel together.  We will also leave at least one car at the lay-by. The distance from the start point to the Well is approximately 3.5 km and will take about 1.5 hours.

Please wear suitable footwear (the ground may be slippery), bring a face mask in case of necessity, water if a warm day and observe social distancing on the walk. Sorry no dogs because of the presence of livestock.

If you would like to take part please contact Barbara Shaw on [email protected] or 07752 932201.